Industry: Travel and Hospitality

Technologies: Java, Mysql, AWS KMS

Services and expertise delivered: software engineering

Duration: 3 months

The challenges: 

Data security was an issue of increasing importance for our customer since there were lots of data leakage cases in the past years. Apparently, they wanted to get a solution that would minimize the risks of digital fraud and protect the users’ data from theft. Having experienced challenges finding the engineering team in his area, the client decided to turn to a reliable software development vendor for assistance in encrypting data.

The solution:

At the initial stage, the software development team analyzed the client’s requirements and suggested alternative ways of data encryption. As a result, they came up with a solution enabling the usage of certain key algorithms built on AWS KMS hardware generated keys. The solution lies in the data protection with the key which no one would have access to. After this solution was implemented, the user data is now stored in an encrypted way. The decryption keys and main key are stored separately, so data cannot be decrypted in case somebody would receive a copy of the database by dishonest means.

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